Personalized Records

Like you, your medical records are unique. They’re comprised of a lifetime of exams, treatments, procedures, and medications, all of which allow you to remain healthy and well through the many stages of your life.

Access to your unique healthcare history is a crucial part of continued wellness. That’s the goal of and our innovative medical records storage app. We want patients to take control of their care. We also want you to be able to access important health information quickly and easily, which is possible when information is accessible from virtually any mobile device.

Common Information Contained in Medical Records

Past and current diagnoses, medication lists, physical therapy, surgical procedures, allergies, and many other pieces of information can all be found in your healthcare history. The older you get, the larger your record becomes. In addition to managing your current state of health, it can also inform future treatments and therapies.

The types of doctors providing information is another consideration. If you have heart disease, your record will include input from a cardiologist. If you take antidepressants, your record will contain information from a psychiatrist. Primary care physicians, internists, osteopaths, and many other medical professionals can contribute to your medical record.

Why Patients Must Be Able to Personalize Their Health Record

Not all patients have the same healthcare needs, so not everyone has the same healthcare records. That’s why we allow you the ability to personalize your medical records to meet your specific needs. For instance, you can easily add to your medication list as new drugs are prescribed. If you’re taken off a medication or stop taking a certain supplement, you can easily remove them from your list.

Your personal medication list will also contain other important information. Each drug is accompanied by a comprehensive list of side effects and interactions, which is stated in clear, easy to comprehend language.

Your Personal Medical Records, Right at Your Fingertips

We want to make storage and access of your personalized health records as easy as possible. You can contact us for more information on our app, how it works, and why easy access to your medical records plays such an important role in your healthcare.

You can also download our app today to get started.