Medical Records

The average American will receive care from 18 different doctors during the course of their lives. When a person reaches the age of 65, this number usually expands to 28 or more doctors.

Every time you visit a medical practitioner, whether it’s for a routine exam or surgical procedure, data is generated regarding your health. This data makes up your complete health history, and it will be needed to provide quality care in the future. understands the important role medical records play in patient health. That’s why we we’ve developed a secure, convenient, and easy-to-use app that allows you to store all of your medication information electronically. Even better, this information can be accessed from virtually any mobile device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and others.

The Challenge of Transferring Medical Records

When you change doctors or visit a specialist, medical records from previous providers must be transferred to the new office. While this should be a simple a process, it’s often difficult to have records sent in a timely manner.

Even when providers use electronic storage, differences in the types of programs or vendors used mean that these systems can’t effectively exchange results. As a result, a hard copy must be generated and sent, usually a flash drive or paper copy in some cases. This hard copy can be sent through the mail or picked up by you and taken to the new office on your visit.

How Can Help with Records Transfer

When medical records are sent through the mail, they can easily become lost or damaged. Additionally, picking up records at another doctor’s office is not convenient for most people. If you’re visiting a new doctor because you moved, it may be impossible for you to do so. provides an effective, convenient method of storing and sharing medical information. Medication records, treatments, surgeries, therapies, diagnoses, and other information is placed into electronic storage. When you visit a new medical provider, you can pull up this information in an instant. You can also easily share it with the new office, without worrying about a hard copy being generated and sent.

How to Get Started

We want patients to enjoy a smooth, stress-free experience when it comes to their medical records. Feel free to contact us today with any questions, or if you’d like more information on how our system works. From there, you can download the app and begin populating with your essential medical records.

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