Manage Medical Records

Medical records provide a comprehensive view into a patient’s healthcare history. Proper management of records ensures patients receive optimum care in the future. However, effectively managing your healthcare records is often easier said than done.

That’s where comes in. Our app allows remote storage of your complete medical record, including information from numerous doctors and specialists. Even better, we make it easy to update your record whenever necessary.

What You Can Expect with Our App

We’ve developed to be as convenient and efficient as possible. As a result, you can look forward to:

  • Instant access to test results when available. Instead of waiting for a call from your doctor’s office, test results will be available at the touch of your finger.
  • Everything from minor issues, like skin rashes, to major conditions, such as diabetes, will be immediately accessible from your mobile device.
  • Complete listing of medication side effects and complications. You can also access information about drug interactions when taking a new medication or supplement.
  • A summary of your entire medical record. Your health information is presented in clear, easy to understand language, without the use of confusing medical jargon.
  • Allergy information. Food allergies, seasonal triggers, indoor issues, and allergies to certain types of medications will be listed within your record.

Why Efficient Management of Medical Records Is Crucial

Once information from your existing health record is supplied to the app, you can also update it as new information becomes available. For example, if your primary care physician prescribes a new medication, it will appear in your updated record. New diagnoses and test results will also be included as they’re made available by your clinic or hospital.

Ensuring your record is updated as necessary is vital to the quality of care receive in the future. Additionally, missing information can actually harm you. What if it’s discovered that you’re allergic to a medication and it’s not included in your updated record? Or what if test results you’ve just received aren’t accessible when visiting a specialist? It’s likely that the care you receive will be insufficient, or possibly even detrimental to your health.

We’re Your Partner in Secure, Convenient Medical Records Storage

Download our app today to improve the way you share and access your complete medical history.

You can also contact us if you’d like more information before getting started. We look forward to being a trusted partner in your health and wellness.