Health Records

The information contained in your medical record is essential for receiving optimum healthcare in the future. For example, if you have allergies to certain drugs, providers must know so they can adjust medication regimens accordingly. If you’ve undergone a specific treatment in the past, it can guide decisions regarding future therapies.

Care is typically provided by numerous doctors and specialists, such as primary care physicians, internists, cardiologists, and many others. Coordination between these practitioners ensures patients receive quality care, and the efficient transfer of healthcare records is an integral component.

Challenges Faced by Medical Offices

Most doctor’s offices and healthcare clinics are dedicated to providing the best care possible to patients. However, there are challenges when it comes to record sharing. For instance:

  • Some offices don’t use electronic records storage.
  • Different offices use different types of software for storing medical records.
  • Sending flash drives or paper copies via the mail is inefficient.
  • Staff may send the wrong records or fail to send records at all.
  • Flash drives may be damaged in transit, meaning they must be sent again.
  • Information may be lost in transit, which can lead to worrying privacy concerns.

Solutions to These Challenges

The best way to prevent the above issues is to create a central electronic hub where your complete health history “lives”. provides such a hub where you can compile all medical records. This includes diagnoses, allergy information, medication lists, treatments, therapies, surgical procedures, and more. Even better, this central hub is accessible from numerous mobiles devices, including smartphones.

Instead of relying on the medical office to send your records to a new provider, you can easily transfer information from your mobile device during your visit. This eliminates worries about privacy, lost records, or inefficiency in sending data from one place to another.

Easily Access and Share Your Medical Records

Get started today by downloading our app. From there, you can compile medical records from different providers so your information is always easily accessible.

You can also contact us for more information on how the app works.