Electronic Health Records

Do you know how to access your personal health records? Unfortunately, many people are left in the dark regarding this process. Not only does this create challenges when you’re visiting a new doctor, it also impacts the quality of care you receive.

Obstacles with Conventional Electronic Health Records

While most hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities make use of electronic storage of patient records, they often use different programs and software. That means information cannot always be efficiently shared from one facility to another.

In this case, you’ll need to request a copy of your medical records. According to current laws, your doctor has up to 60 days to provide them. If you’re unable to pick up a copy at the office, the records must be sent to you.

If a flash drive or hard copy is sent through the mail, there’s a risk that it will be lost in transit. The package could also be damaged, which delays receipt of your health information even further.

Why FreeHealthRecord.com Is a Better Solution

FreeHealthRecord.com has developed a mobile application that we believe can address the above problems. Our app is simple to use and update. New information can be easily added to your health record when it becomes available. That means prescribed drugs you’re taking, procedures you’ve undergone, and test results will all be readily available when you need them.

Instead of requesting records from a hospital or clinic, you’ll be able to view and share them from your mobile device. You won’t need to wait for information to arrive in the mail or take time out of your busy day to go pick it up yourself.

Our app is safe and secure, so you can rest assured that your medical information is kept confidential, Additionally and you can decide who to share your medical records with. In addition to doctors and specialists, you can easily share information with pharmacists, caregivers, and even family members. This is especially important if you’ve designated a loved one as your healthcare representative.

Let’s Discuss Medical Records Storage Today

We’ll go over the benefits of our app so you can feel confident storing information electronically. Please contact us for more information or download our app to get started.

We’re proud to support patients and empower them to take control of their health and wellness.