Easy Access

Advances in the healthcare industry over the years have revolutionized the quality-of-care patients receive. In addition to innovative new techniques and technology, the way your medical history is stored and accessed by doctors has also changed drastically.

While paper hard copies were standard for many years, more hospitals and clinics are relying on electronic records storage these days. Although electronic storage definitely has its benefits, we here at FreeHealthRecord.com think it could still be better.

That’s why we’ve developed a mobile application that allows you to electronically store medical records from different doctors and specialists. Even better, your stored health history is conveniently accessible from your mobile device.

Obstacles to Accessibility

There are numerous challenges that arise when patients attempt to access their personal medical records. Common obstacles include:

  • Lack of staff to field requests
  • Miscommunication between healthcare offices
  • Incompatible software
  • Confusion about which records should be sent
  • Damage to flash drives in transit

The Benefits of Easy Access to Medical Records

Healthcare professionals encourage patients to play a greater role in their care. When you have convenient access to things like prescription lists, procedures, and diagnoses, you have the information you need to do so.

For example, if you’re experiencing side effects from a new medication, you can simply consult with your medical report for a list of possible side effects. (implies giving medical advice) This enables you to talk to you doctor about switching to another medication or adjusting the dosage.

Easy access also ensures different doctors can communicate effectively. Instead of requesting your records be sent from one clinic to another, or being required to pick them up yourself, you can take them with you on your mobile device whenever you go to a new doctor or specialist.

How to Take Advantage of Efficient Health Records Storage

We strive to make the medical records storage process as clear and straightforward as possible, but we’re always here to answer your questions.

Download our app today or contact us for more information before you get started.