Access Medical Records Online

Every time you visit a doctor, whether for a checkup, surgical procedure, or diagnostic test, a record is generated detailing what occurred. Thanks to advances in medical records storage, many hospitals and facilities use electronic methods of storing patient information. While innovative, many people are still frustrated by their lack of access to their own healthcare information. understands how limiting it can be for patients struggle to access their own medical information. It can also be detrimental to your well-being, and sometimes may even delay the care you receive. That’s why we’ve developed secure electronic records storage that can be easily accessed online.

How Our System Works

Once you download our app and create an account, you can begin populating it with your medical information, including:

  • Diagnosis of diseases and medical conditions
  • List of prescribed medicines
  • Surgical procedures
  • Environmental, food, and drug allergies
  • Test results
  • Past and current therapies
  • Treatment regimens

We include a summary of major points, so you can assess your health records efficiently. And we make sure this information is free of medical jargon and complex terminology. That way you will fully comprehend what you’re reading and be able to effectively communicate it to other people when necessary.

Benefits of Accessing Medical Information Online

With easy access to your complete medical record, you have more control over your health and wellness. You can also share your personal information with others as needed.

If you go to a new primary care doctor or are referred to a specialist, your records will be instantly accessible. No more waiting around for records to be transferred from one office to another. You also won’t need to worry about picking up your records and bringing them with you to new appointments.

You’ll also have access to essential info about the medications you’re currently taking. If you experience ill-effects, you can compare your symptoms to the medication’s side effects, then reach out to your doctor to discuss switching prescriptions or changing doses.

Access to Your Complete Healthcare History is designed to be used with virtually any mobile device. It’s also easy to use for everyone, regardless of your technical knowhow.

Download the app to get started or contact us for more information.