Access Health Records Online

When medical records are easily accessible, patients benefit in a number of ways. Along with making sure all practitioners have up-to-date information on your health when providing care, easy access to your medical history also empowers you to play a greater role in your own wellness.

That’s why so many healthcare professionals advocate for electronic records storage. takes it one step further by providing access to your complete health record from the convenience of your mobile device, from smartphones to tablets.

How Our App Works

If you’re like most people, your medical records contain many types of healthcare information. Diagnoses, medical conditions, past surgeries, medications you’re taking or have taken, allergies, and treatments are just a few of the things that make up your medical record.

Additionally, this information is likely to come from many sources. Along with your primary care physician, it will also include reports and results from internists, neurologists, psychiatrists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, allergists, osteopaths, and other specialists. allows you to store this information easily and securely. It also summarizes the state of your health in clear, concise language. Medical terminology is often confusing, so we make sure your data is presented in a way that makes sense to you.

Benefits of Convenient Storage and Access to Medical Records

When your complete medical record is available at the touch of your finger, you’ll experience:

  • Easy updating of your healthcare reports
  • No more worries about medical staff misreading medication names or doses
  • Convenient sharing of records with medical providers and caregivers
  • Instant access to test results as they’re made available
  • Safeguards against drug interactions when new medications are prescribed
  • A better understanding of medication side effects and possible complications
  • Efficient coordination between clinics and offices

Take Control of Your Medical Care will revolutionize the way you view and access your complete medical history. Feel free to download our app today to start adding information.

You can also contact us to learn more about how it works and what benefits await you.